What We Do

Aloft Capital professionals act as your trusted advisor and handle every detail of the financing process. The firm has close working relationships with a large and diverse number of capital providers. Since we are not limited by our affiliation with any one funding source, we are able to discuss your request with a broad spectrum of potential capital sources and to secure the highest funding and most reliable execution with the best terms and pricing in the market.

Our Story

Aloft was founded by a banker and certified public accountant with the sole purpose of finding a suitable financing solution for each and every client. No longer would businesses have to go door to door in search of an acceptable loan deal. No longer would the world of private money be kept private, just for those with a sufficient rolodex. No longer would clients wonder if there were a better way to structure their deal, if another source could have provided better execution and if, in the end, they were leaving money on the table. For both small and large requests, we delivers results that have earned the trust and confidence of borrowers and lenders nationwide.

The Aloft Capital Advisors model is unique and dynamic: one point of contact to open the world of commercial financing opportunities. Again and again, Aloft Capital Advisors successfully completes deals that bring with them a story. Whether it is a good story, complex story or short story, Aloft listens, understands, creates a plan and executes with one concern…getting your deal closed with the best execution in the market.

Aloft is consistently able to secure for its clients the best terms available in the marketplace, whether from investment banks, commercial banks, hedge funds, specialty finance companies, leasing companies, insurance companies or private equity investors. Aloft is able to structure and secure the necessary forms of financing up and down the debt capital stack including senior debt, mezzanine and junior debt.

Our Team


Bob Gabrielsen - Managing Director

Robert Gabrielsen is Managing Director of Aloft Capital. Prior to Aloft, Mr. Gabrielsen was Executive Vice President of Premier Bank in LaGrangeville, New York and prior to that was Chief Financial Officer for two community banks and a manager for KPMG. Mr. Gabrielsen is a Certified Public Accountant and has a BBA in Accounting from Siena College, Loudonville NY.


Jeff Williams - Director of Business Development

Jeff Williams is Director of Business Development.  A banking professional for over 25 years, Jeff has worked in both Regional and Community Banks throughout his career serving as a commercial loan officer, commercial real estate lender, business banker, and special assets officer.  Prior to joining Aloft, Jeff was Market President at North State Bank in Raleigh.  He holds an Economics degree from the University of North Carolina and an MBA from Campbell University.  Jeff lives in Raleigh with his wife and two sons.