Aloft is focused on one thing only, business debt.   We do nothing else.  So all day everyday we are working with clients and funders to get the best execution possible.  The major debt categories include:


Business Acquisitions

Aloft provides up to 90 percent financing for business acquisitions (up to 95 percent financing in certain deals). Aloft can fund goodwill up to $5 million. Experience and cash flow are the most significant drivers in successful business acquisitions.


Asset-Based Lending

We have a deep bench of  Asset Based Lenders that provide financing that allows our clients to use their assets (inventory, equipment, real estate or accounts receivable)to borrow against. Aloft works to customize a financing arrangement that can turn its clients’ business assets into valuable cash to expand, grow and manage seasonal variations when traditional financing isn’t available.


Construction Lending

Aloft can help provide access to the capital needed for construction or rehabilitation.  We feature flexible terms with a custom solution.  Our construction loan can include transition to permanent financing at the end of construction. With our approach, you can quickly move your building project from the planning stage to completion.


Equipment Lending

Acquiring equipment is a vital part of most businesses. We fully understand that each company has its own equipment requirements, and we develop commercial business loan solutions accordingly. We carefully analyze each situation, keeping in mind your goals and objectives to provide an equipment finance or lease strategy that best meets your needs.  Our lenders have skill in many industries and with most types of equipment to ensure you benefit from the right solution.


SBA 7(A) and 504 Lending

Aloft Capital is an expert at SBA lending programs and has relationships with the top US SBA lenders.  Many have different specialties.  Using SBA 7(a) approved PLP lenders means we don't need to go to the SBA for approval.  SBA lending is available for many uses including;  for the purchase of owner-occupied commercial real estate (new construction or an existing building) or for modernizing a current facility, to expand existing operations, acquire an existing business and purchase inventory and equipment.  SBA 7(a) loans are available up to $5 million and 504 loans are available up to $14 million.


USDA Business and Industry Loans

Aloft facilitates USDA Business and Industry loans for projects located in the United States or its possessions/territories and must be in a rural area (defined as having a population of less than 50,000). B&I loans may involve acquisitions, construction, conversion, repair, modernization or debt refinance. Loan proceeds can be used for real estate acquisition and/or improvements, machinery, equipment, furniture, fixtures and working capital.